Hour Bank Plan

Hour Bank Benefit Plan

The Hour Bank plan is one of the largest construction benefit plans in Canada with more than 60,000 field/shop employees enrolled. It is an all-inclusive package providing, life insurance, disability, health, vision, dental and EFAP.  The plan is managed as a not-for-profit trust so expenses are low and exclude commissions and insurer’s risk.

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The Merit Contractors Association Hour Bank Benefit Plan includes the following benefits:

Employee Life InsuranceA lump sum benefit is payable to the beneficiary upon the employee's death. 

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Dependent Life InsuranceThe following lump sum benefits are provided:

• $10,000 upon the death of your spouse (if any) 
• $5,000 upon the death of a dependent child (if any)
Accidental Death and Dismemberment24-hour coverage is provided to protect against on or off-the-job accidents - whether at work, at home, or on vacation.

For more information about the Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit, click here.
Extended Health CareCoverage Levels:

Prescription Drugs - 80%*, subject to a maximum $9.00 dispensing fee per prescription (a maximum of five (5) dispensing fees are covered for each maintenance drug every calendar year)
All Other Expenses - 100%

* Once an individual incurs $5,000 or more in eligible prescription drug claims in a calendar year, the coverage level increases to 90% for the remainder of the calendar year.


Paramedical Practitioners - $600 per calendar year for physiotherapists; $500 per calendar year for all other covered practitioners
Hospital - semi-private accommodation
Home Care Nursing - $10,000 every calendar year
Hearing Aids - $1,000 every five calendar years
Orthopedic Footwear (custom-made) - $400 every calendar year
Orthotics (custom-made) - $350 every calendar year
Out-of-Province/Canada Emergency Medical -$2,000,000 per incident
Out-of-Country Non-Emergency Care - $25,000 lifetime maximum, payable at 50%

All expenses subject to reasonable and customary pricing limitations.

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Vision CareCoverage Level: 100%


Eye Exams (for employees and dependents) - $75 every two calendar years if age 19 or over, $75 every calendar year if under age 19
Eyewear (for employees and dependents) - $350 every two calendar years if age 19 or over, $350 every calendar year if under age 19
Prescription Safety Glasses (for employees only) - $150 every two calendar years in addition to Eyewear benefit

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Dental CareCoverage Levels:

The coverage levels indicated below are based on the applicable provincial General Practitioners or Specialists Fee Guide amounts (in Alberta, coverage is based on representative pricing).

Basic Services - 80% coverage
Major Services - 50% coverage
Orthodontic Services - 50% coverage (under age 19 only)
Accidental Services - 100% coverage


Basic and Major Services Combined - $2,500 every calendar year
Orthodontic Services - $2,500 lifetime
Accidental Services - $10,000 per accident

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Long Term DisabilityCoverage:

First 120 days of total disability - no LTD benefit is payable during the 120-day Elimination Period
After 120 days of total disability: a flat benefit amount is payable for the first 24 monthly payments. The benefit level then increases and remains level while you remain disabled, up to age 65

Maximum Benefit Period:

• to age 65

For more information about the Long Term Disability benefit, click here.
Employee and Family Assistance ProgramAccess to short-term confidential counselling, work/life support services and specialized programs to assist with personal, work-related and health concerns.

24-hour access via telephone, eCounselling and chat service.

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Best Doctors®Access to the best medical minds in the world to assist in making health care decisions with confidence. Second medical opinions, assistance in locating specialists and treatment facilities and expert answers to medical questions are available to employees and dependents.

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