Merit Ontario and Construction Ontario stand in solidarity with friends, family, and the people of Ukraine. Visit the Canadian Red Cross to see how you can help Ukraine and surrounding countries.


Merit Ontario Vision

Our Mission

To represent and support the growth of open shop construction by encouraging sound business practices and ensuring a fair and competitive marketplace for construction in Ontario.


Our Core Purposes

  • Advocate and support sound legislation and regulation which is fair to both open shop employers and their employees.
  • Provide human resources services and programs that meet the needs of open shop companies and contribute to the well-being of their employees and their families.
  • Provide education and support for our members to encourage sound business practices and keep them informed on open shop issues.
  • Promote construction industry jobs as attractive career options and support the development of a safe, stable, and appropriately skilled construction industry workforce.
  • Promote workplace harmony, where open and closed firms collaborate and work as partners.


Our Values

  • Safety As Our Top Priority
  • Transparency, Integrity and Professionalism In All We Do
  • Equitable Treatment for all Employees
  • Open and Fair Working Conditions
  • Entrenched Employee Rights