Benefits for employees: Three reasons to offer them

Merit Ontario is a leading voice for an equitable and competitive marketplace for construction contractors. We want to make sure that all contractors have an equal chance to succeed. Our goal is to promote good business practices and make sure that the construction market in Ontario is fair and competitive.

Offering employees good benefits is important in attracting and retaining great employees. It's also investing in the health and happiness of your team, which is good for your business's success. Let's dive into how the Ontario Construction Industry Benefits Plan (OCIBP) is made specifically for construction contractors in Ontario. Read below for our three key reasons for providing employees benefits.

Stay Covered Under Our Independent Plan

Moving between jobs or contracts isn’t always seamless. There might be periods when you're unemployed, which can leave you and your family without benefits. This can be worrisome and costly, especially if you require coverage for medication or other healthcare needs. 

But don't take chances! The Independent Benefit Plan is specifically created to assist individuals in maintaining coverage while moving between jobs. For a reasonable cost, it allows families to continue extended health, prescription drug, vision, dental and other benefits.

Secure Your Future with Retirement Plans

Retirement programs are becoming more popular to attract and keep employees and as part of a bigger plan to compensate and retain them. There are three choices for retirement plans in businesses: Group RRSP, Registered Pension Plan (RPP), and Deferred Profit Sharing Plan. Each option for business retirement plans has advantages and disadvantages; we can create the most suitable plan tailored to your specific situation.

Create Your Personalized Benefit Plan

Employee health benefits are among the most important factors for attracting and keeping employees. Our goal is to provide a wide range of employee health benefit products that cater to the needs of all types of Merit Ontario member businesses.


A company's strength is its employees, so investing in their well-being is a top tool in your arsenal for retaining top talent. With OCIBP, you can also create a fully customized benefits plan featuring wholesale pricing and large group pooling protection. Contact us to find the right group benefits package at the right price for your organization.