Coverage and Value for your most important resources

The new Ontario Construction Industry Benefit Plan (OCIBP) is designed with the needs of Ontario construction contractors in mind, priced to improve the competitiveness of your business. With in-house, personalized customer service professionals based in Ontario to help your employees when they have questions, we’re there to assist every step of the way.

   Life and Accidental Death Insurance    Travel Insurance
   Prescriptions    Health and Dental Coverage
   Short and Long Term Disability    Employee Assistance Plan
   The OCIBP plan is owned and operated by Merit Ontario on behalf of its Ontario construction contractors.
   By taking control of the design, pricing, management and administration of the plan, Merit Ontario provides you with more choice and more flexibility in the benefits you offer your employees.
   Getting started on the plan is easy. We’ll assist you through the onboarding process to make it fast and easy for you and your employees.
   Options are now the new norm – You no longer have to maintain a separate plan for your hourly and supervisory workers. OCIBP allows all employees to enroll under the hour bank plan.
   We welcome new businesses with as few as three members.

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