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Build Your Own Custom Benefit Plan

Employee health benefits are one of the most important factors in attracting and retaining employees. We are proud to offer a full line of employee health benefit products to cover every type of Merit Ontario member business.

OCIBP can also help create a fully customized benefit plan for your business featuring wholesale pricing and the protection of large group pooling. Contact us to find the right group benefit package at the right price for your organization.

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The Merit Ontario’s Ontario Construction Industry Benefit Plan includes the following benefits:

Benefit Coverage
Life Insurance 1, 2 or 3 times annual salary, up to $300,000 (up to $500,000 for Executive plan)
Reduces by 50% at 65, Terminates at 71 or retirement
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Same as Life insurance
Dependent Life Insurance Spouse - $10,000; Each Dependent Child - $5,000
Terminates at retirement
Short-term Disability (Optional) Non-Taxable Plan
67% of the first $1,000 of weekly earnings, plus 50% of the balance, up to $1,100 per week
Taxable Plan
75% of weekly earnings up to $1,100 per week
Benefits start: 1st day accident; 8th day sickness
Maximum benefit period: 17 weeks
Terminates at earlier of age 70 or retirement
Long-term Disability Non-Taxable Plan: 67% of the first $4,000 of monthly earnings, plus 50% of the balance, up to $6,000 per month
Executive Plan: 67% of the first $4,000 of monthly earnings plus 50% of the balance up to a $15,000 per month, with a Cost of Living Adjustment
Taxable Plan: 75% of monthly earnings up to $6,000 per month (up to $15,000 per month with COLA for Executive plan)
Elimination period: 119 days
Terminates at age 65
Extended Health Care Option 1: Prescription drugs – 80% (Once the plan has paid $4,000, increases to 90% for balance of year)
Option 2: Prescription drugs – 100%
All other covered health expenses – 100%
$2 million out of province emergency medical
Dental Option 1: Basic services – 80%
Option 2: Basic services – 100%
Major restorative – 50%
Maximum - $2,500 per year (Basic and Major combined)
Ortho for children – 50% up to $2,500 lifetime
Employee and Family Assistance Program Toll-free 24-hour access to confidential counselling service for employees and family members to assist in the resolution
of personal problems and crises. Includes online wellness library and health coaching services
Also available: Optional Employee-Paid Benefits – for employees and their spouses – Contact us for further details
Optional Life Insurance Units of $25,000 to maximum $250,000
Terminates at age 70
Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Units of $25,000 to maximum $250,000
Single or Family coverage
Terminates at age 70
Optional Critical Illness Minimum $10,000 to maximum $100,000
Children covered for $5,000 under parent’s plan
Terminates at age 65
$25,000 available without medical evidence during first 31 days of joining this plan.
This is a partial list highlighting some of the benefits offered.
Contact us for complete details on all benefits available.