RRSP & Retirement Plan

Retirement Savings Plans

Merit OpenShop Contractors Association, in partnership with RBC, sponsors a corporate group Retirement Savings Plans.


Retirement Plan

Retired employees between the ages of 55 and 90 will be notified by OCIBP of their eligibility to join the Retiree Benefit Plan once their Hour Bank or Office Supervisory Plan benefits cease. Participation in the Retiree Benefit Plan is optional. Applications for enrolment will be included with OCIBP's notification letter. Completed applications must be received by OCIBP within 90 days from the date your Hour Bank or Office Supervisory benefits terminate. If you do not enroll within 90 days, you will be unable to join the plan at a later date.


There are three levels of coverage from which to choose: Gold, Silver or Bronze. Reimbursement levels and expense maximums vary between each category.


For more information, please contact:

Andrei Mitchev
TF: 1-888-303-9878