Education & Training

Education and Training

Merit understands the importance of a highly skilled and competitive workforce. That's why Merit has been developing and delivering training programs for over 22 years. Merit's training programs are designed to meet the changing needs of the construction industry and its workers. Please check back often for the latest information.


Merit College of Construction


Merit College of Construction is the training arm of Merit Canada. The Construction industry is continuously evolving, as are the training programs we offer. These courses are gold seal approved and are geared towards any contractor with specific courses offered. These courses are taught by highly trained instructors with both on-the-job and classroom learning. At Merit we understand the value of training and know the need to invest in employees.


Supervisor Training Program (STP)

STP gives construction field supervisors an overview of general supervisory principles and teaches the skills needed to effectively manage and direct workers. Course topics include: Effective Communication, Managing Time, Meetings & Priorities, Scheduling, Negotiating Successfully, Respect in the Workplace, Productivity & Quality Control, Supporting Employee Performance, Coaching Skills and Merit Supervising. This course requires 39 hours of classroom instruction and several on-the-job assignments and is accredited with 6 Gold Seal points.


Project Management General or Electrical & Mechanical

This course, developed by electrical and mechanical contractors and Purdue University faculty in Indiana, is designed specifically to meet the needs of electrical and mechanical contractors. Owners, project managers, estimators, superintendents and any employee involved in managing projects will receive an in depth look at how to successfully execute all aspects of electrical and mechanical projects. Class content specifically focuses on real examples and case studies provided by contractors in both trades. Participants will obtain management tools that will help improve productivity, profitability, increase quality and customer satisfaction.