Employer of Choice

The construction industry in Ontario is demanding and unique. To attract and retain skilled workers in this field, employers must carefully consider the employee benefits they offer. The following are essential considerations for construction and contractor employee benefits.

Why have we been a solution of choice since 1990? You can mix and match many options with ease:

Health and safety: Accidents, mistakes and worker carelessness are costly. We protect you and your workers through our comprehensive health benefits and safety coverage for workplace industries.

Disability and Income Protection:  Construction can be at higher risk for workplace injuries which may temporarily or permanently disable workers. Offering disability benefits and income protection provides financial support during disability, allowing workers to return faster and safer.

Many customizable benefit choices for your unique business and needs: We have plans for office staff, on-site workers, seasonal workers, trade-specific plans, and many more. We can optimize your coverage to your unique needs to save you money.

Mental Health Support:  With our various benefits options, we offer access to Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), counselling services, or mental health resources for your workers – helping with your company’s productivity – saving you time and money.

No-Cost Training and Professional Development:  At Merit Ontario, we are experts in employee training and professional development for the construction industry. We provide no-cost skills enhancement, certifications, and ongoing training to improve employee performance, to pass Ministry of Labour and WSIB inspections, and decrease worker absenteeism through increased competency.

Retirement and Pension Plans:  We want to make you an employer of choice – attracting and retaining employees so you can grow and prosper. Offering retirement savings plan options, RSPs, or company-matched pension plans helps to make you a top-tier employer of choice.

Our difference from everyone else:

Because we are a non-profit association, we save you money and time, with many benefit options at wholesale cost and all money received is reinvested for member services and interests!

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