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Welcome to Member Resources

The member resources page is a tool to provide useful information to open shop contractors. This is an evolving area which will grow over time. If there are other resources that you would like to see in this area, please email us your suggestions at

Member Resources

Human Resources Toolkit for the Construction Industry
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Merit Ontario Annual Report 2016    

Unionization in the Construction Sector    

Legal Overview: The Do's and Don'ts    

Card-Based Certification - An Introduction by Stephen Bernardo    



Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)

Independent Contractors and Businesses Association  (ICBA)

Labour Watch

Mercon Benefit Services

Merit Canada

Merit Contractors Association of Alberta

Merit Contractors Association of Manitoba

Merit Contractors Association of New Brunswick

Merit Contractors Association of Newfoundland and Labrador

Merit Contractors Association of Nova Scotia

Merit Contractors Association (Saskatchewan)

Ontario Ministry of Labour

Ontario College of Trades

Ontario Labour Relations Board