Merit Ontario applauds the Ford Government for passing Bill 66

April 2, Toronto - Merit Ontario today welcomed the passage of Bill 66 which contains provisions to allow all qualified contractors and workers to bid on public infrastructure in Ontario.

“This legislation will save taxpayers millions of dollars by increasing competition and lowering prices for public construction projects in Ontario.” said Michael Gallardo, Executive Director of Merit Ontario. “This will allow for more roads, schools and hospitals to be built throughout the province. The Ontario Government is facing significant budget pressure and must ensure that all taxpayers dollars are spent in a responsible manner, this legislation is needed as a good first step in ensuring infrastructure dollars are no longer wasted.” He said.

Merit Ontario is also calling on each municipality to take advantage of the legislative provisions contained in Bill 66. This will lead to more jobs and hundreds of millions in savings for municipalities and taxpayers in Ontario as communities grow and prosper.

For more information please contact Michael Gallardo at or call 416-483-3856.