Merit Ontario Calls for Open Tendering on all Parliament Hill Renovation Contracts to deal with Global Pandemic


Ottawa, Ontario - Merit Ontario launched a campaign to ensure all Canadian taxpayers receive the best value for taxpayers while renovating the historical Parliamentary Precinct after documents came to light showing that local contractors were barred from bidding on the project.

““We are all in this together. It is an extremely difficult time for workers and companies during the COVID-19 pandemic therefore Governments should not be creating an unfair system for local contractors and their workers.” said Walter Pamic, past Chair of Merit Ontario and local Ottawa electrical contractor.

“If the companies they work for aren’t even allowed to bid on construction projects that their tax dollars are paying for, how can their company compete and how can they stay employed? In a time of a global pandemic and limited government funds, we all have a responsibility to hardworking Canadian taxpayers to ensure that every dollar the government spends goes as far as possible. Closed tendering means lost opportunities and wasted tax dollars.”

“Parliament Hill belongs to all Canadians and all Canadian workers and companies should have a shot at competing for this work. The Federal government needs to ensure rules are followed to allow fair and open bidding on these projects” said Pamic.

U.S. studies suggest that closed tendering rules increase the cost of construction between 12 and 18% when compared to similar projects not subject to such requirements. A City of Hamilton staff report estimated that being linked to one exclusive union could cost Hamilton an additional $10 million on standard capital projects. Staff estimated that Hamilton could also face increases between $440 million to $1.1 billion over eight years for its water and wastewater projects.

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