Working for You

Merit Ontario is a non-profit multi-trade association representing non-union contractors. We’re revolutionizing the non-union construction landscape, representing approximately 70% of Ontario’s construction industry. Merit Ontario elevates its members as top-tier construction and contractor companies across Ontario.

At Merit Ontario, we’re not just meeting the industry’s demands; we’re shaping its future, enhancing the vitality of the non-unionized sector. Our suite of innovative programs and services position our members as top-tier companies in a highly competitive market.

A. Political Action and Advocacy: Over the past five years, we have made significant inroads with respect to political advocacy: Elimination of the College of Trades and the founding of Skill Trades Ontario, Modernization of Ratios, Open Tendering, having construction deemed an essential service during COVID, and more. We also have numerous legal resources at the disposal of our members.

B. Networking: Our events and personnel facilitate match-making between like-minded companies – be it sharing of experiences, tag-teaming for projects (ie: a plumbing company looking for an electrical company), or comradery.

C. Recruitment and Job Bank: We provide no-cost job matching services, using not only our own job bank, but also many external recruiting platforms (ie: Zip Recruiter, LinkedIn, Indeed, and more). We do the heavy lifting for you at no-cost, get resumes on your desk, and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

D. Apprenticeship management and sponsorship: To help you grow, we are funded and approved by the Ministry of Labour to match our members to apprentices, and to sponsor and manage the apprentices on behalf of our members – all at no cost. This saves our members time and money and ensures our member companies can concentrate on what’s important to grow and expand, while we do the heavy lifting in the background.

E. Workforce Benefits: It’s a tough, competitive market. Merit Ontario helps to position to position construction companies as employers of choice, able to attract and retain a best-in-class and motivated workforce. Our workforce benefits, RSPs and various pension plan options help set our Merit members, apart from their competitors, at wholesale rates, and without the worries of rate fluctuation.’

F. Education and Course Programs: We offer a non-charge catalogue of over 60 courses to our members. Many are field-level competency courses. Others cover access to all levels of workforce training, from the workers to leads, to supervisors, and managers. Our OH&S courses help to ensure a safe work environment and our soft-skill courses help to ensure the success of your workforce. Additionally, we create custom courses, upon request, to meet members’ individual company needs.

Merit Ontario’s comprehensive approach is pivotal in defining the future of the non-union construction sector in Ontario. We empower our members to excel in a competitive environment. Through our concerted efforts, we are creating a dynamic landscape for non-union construction companies, ensuring their growth and sustainability in a rapidly evolving market.