Tuition Refund Program

Tuition Refund Program

Recognizing the need to support employees, the apprenticeship system and industry manpower development, Merit Ontario offers a Tuition Refund Program to employees of its member companies that participate in the Hour Bank Benefit Plan. This program refunds the tuition fees for member employees who successfully complete apprenticeship training and return to work for a Merit Ontario company. Member firms that pay for an employee's apprenticeship training may also be reimbursed.

You can find a list of eligible trades by calling your local Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities apprenticeship office.


Who is eligible? (Ontario Apprentices Only)

To be eligible for a refund the apprentice must:

  • have worked for a Merit Ontario member company immediately prior to attending classes;
  • be enrolled in the Merit Hour Bank Benefit Plan;
  • successfully complete the training program;
  • return to work full-time for a Merit member firm and work a minimum of 160 hours for a Merit member (approximately one month);
  • meet all criteria and submit your claim within six months of completing training


What expenses are covered?

The program covers apprenticeship tuition fees. The Tuition Refund Program does not apply to books, lockers, association fees, journeyman upgrading courses or the cost of challenging an apprenticeship exam. Course fees for programs such as Merit's Supervisor Training Program or Construction Skills Training program are also not covered.


How do I claim a refund?

The Tuition Refund Claim Form is available for download or you can contact the Merit Ontario office to obtain a form. Within 6 months of course completion, submit your claim form, accompanied by a transcript of your results with a covering letter and a copy of your tuition payment receipt. Send the completed form and additional documents to the Merit OpenShop Contractors Association of Ontario head office.

Please note: the claim form must be signed by your employer! To be eligible for a tuition refund, your claim form must be received by Merit Ontario within six months of completing your course.

For more information, contact the Merit office at 1-888-303-9878 by email at